Intelligent, Natural Solutions  

for Better Health™



We are a small community group of nutrition and lifestyle consultants who strive to make good health accessible to all.

As AfN certified nutritionists, we teach our clients how food and simple lifestyle changes can improve their health. We offer nutritional counseling, healthy cooking, QBi Health Scans and lifestyle programs for people struggling with various health conditions including: Asthma, Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, Arthritis, Over-Weight, Allergies, Lupus, and more.


Contact us to take advantage of our special offer for first time clients and discover what the latest advances in lifestyle solutions can do for you.                                                                                        


Our diet and lifestyle consultants are trained in the areas of nutrition and lifestyle therapy. They are specialists in their respective fields and are always available to share their in-depth knowledge and many years of practical experience. Teaching how you can build your own health is their love and passion. Book a consultation today!


A ‘b-free’ diet & lifestyle consultation is the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their own health and the health of others. As well as receiving a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle assessment, you will learn the components of a balanced diet, anti-ageing nutrition, how to detox safely, and much more. Book a consultation today!


Discover the health of your bodily functions. The QBi Scan generates up to 41 reports on all of the major organs and systems of the body and is the preferred option for many people because of its quick, reliable, non-intrusive technology. The QBi Scan takes only 3 minutes to scan the entire body and has a 95% accuracy level.. Book a QBi consultation today!